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Latest news for commonsound

We're back online!: Lots of kits were updated while our server was down, check out new noiseswash and triwave diagrams, as well as a super-board for the tremulus with the ever-popular aux-LFO mod...

ALL NEWS WILL BE POSTED ON THE NEWS FORUM, and only occasionally posted here.

1 August: 3ms Pedals is now 4ms Pedals! An agreement was reached over trademark issues

21 Feb: Been a while since I've posted news. the Forum is working well.

5 Dec: So we're going with FUDforum. check back in the next few days for the official unveiling ;) in the mean time you can start fooling around by clicking the fud link below
The mailling list will be phased out and moved over to the web forum...

30 November: 1:47am installed three web forums: FUDforum...XMB...phpBB. What's your vote? So far it seems like FUDforum is the winner, as it supports merging with mailling lists, which means users can email commonsound(at) and have it appear on the forum.

26 November: Created new email address: common(at)commonsound(dot)com, to be used for general pedal inquires. This especially is meant to provide an opportunity to share the email load amongst businesses.

October: more correspondance with 3M Company. See this page for the history...

31 August: Updated the builder instructions...

31 August: 3M declined to accept 3ms Pedals's offer of a disclaimer on the website.

8 August: 3ms pedals has been contacted by 3M Company, who demands that 3ms Pedals turn over ownership of to 3M, and "cease and desist" using the name 3ms Pedals.

29 June: bought which will point to this site. Moving to a new server (again). This one will be maintained by a local St Louis tech collective, Kudzu Collective

22 April: is moving to a new server! we'll be hosted by We'll see how they do compared to our last server (remember all those days of email bouncing?). 3ms pedals is also finalizing it's price system.. phew! 3ms pedals is now on it's own domain, at

21 April: The alphawave is now available for production from Troubled Variance.

12 April: custom analog electronics (cae) has become prophecysound systems

9 April: are changing the price system for 3ms pedals, and changing prices for cae and TV. The intent is to better handle dealers, to be able to meet a wider audience, and to support more people doing work they enjoy and are talented at doing. New prices will go into effect 16 April.

3 Mar: Discussed commonsound issues at Feb 3ms pedals St Louis pod meeting... $5 per pedal sold (commonsound fee) will continue to be saved and recorded until we agree on what to do. we already spend $25/month on internet fees.
3 Feb: training new connector, Jason... Ordered second batch of test triwave copper pcb's
Jan 12: working on better FET selection method for triwave and possibly atoner.
Jan 12: working on solid state relay idea for remote footswitch idea
Jan 8: First general meeting for St Louis pedal pod. notes will be posted to the list...
December 2001: Some email was lost during this month: please re-send!!!
Oct 18: New device completed by Troubled Variance: the "Alphawave", a guitar-orientated, triwave-based device.
Oct 10
: New device underway for 3ms pedals: the "Sweetspot Atoner", a simplified atoner for people who want something cheaper and easier to use... there will be pictures and soundclips soon...
Sept 30
: Cross mod and rise-fall speed mods are up now, and waveshaper mod is updated (no changes, just made a new diagram for use with waveshapers and the rise-fall mod)
Sept 27: Hemmo drew the triwave schematic up...
Sept 23: phaseur diagrams updated to facilitate tweaking (Added trim pot).. also phaseur tweaking diagrams are done
Sept 20: updated phaseur diagram (input and output jacks were reversed!)
Sept 18: new 3ms webpage is up!
Aug 29: Continuing working on new 3ms webpage
Aug 26-28: Tweaking boot camp at the st louis pedal pod... Picture
Aug 19-?: working on the tweaking guides for all pedals. swash, tremulus, atoner, triwave, phaseur so far...
August 4: Started enacting some restructuing of the pedal-pod in St. Loius... which led to $10-$15 price increases and a further refined system.
July 11: fixed tremulus lune board diagram, in and out jacks were switched
June 26: Added new triwave mod diagrams, updated jacks portion of many kits instructions
May 23: Added in stock page to 3ms pedals [instead of the news page, look here for 3ms news]. This page will be continually updated with pictures and prices of pedals that can be sold immediately...
May 15: Custom Audio Electronics has released the new infinitphase... soundclips and description
May 15: Berkelee press linked to us?!
May 7: soundclips of the Rubber Fetish.. here
May 7: Added buffered guitar input to triwave page (why wasnt it there earlier? who knows...)
May 7: Check out this site:low cost audio DSP'ing
May 1: custom music electronics has moved to custom analog electronics... new site at
Apr 9: updated panneur kits [changed three 100ks to 1M, fixed reversed labels RDepth/LDepth, fixed and cleaned up on/off diagram). Also updated "using different style jacks" file. Apr 4: Triwave mkII version 2 uploaded... minor fixes for better seperation of channels, wider LFO sweeps Mar 27: Added buffing tips for decorating a box without using paint...
Mar23: Triwave mk II (using 555's instaead of the discontinued 566's) is ready for beta testing... its on the kits page... please feedback improvements/comments/etc to Dann
Mar 14: Updated noise swash diagrams to include noise-cancellation when in bypass
Mar 13: Dann: started on the first idea for new triwave using 555's instead of 566's...
Mar 8: Beta device, tone generator, FSK, etc by Jeff
Mar 8: New schematics for the duo and triwave, thanks to Hemmo P, check out his website: Hemmo's Site
Mar 6: Re-did the soundshimmer pages...
Mar 1: Updated builder pages, added PDF file of Jack inter-changablity, updated parts lists Feb 28: Dann:still working on new triwave design...
Feb 20: uploaded duo and triwave schematics... handdrawn... anyone want to computerize them?