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General License

What models are under this license?
The circuitry and design of the following devices, and all their various forms, are copyrighted by 4ms Pedals and/or Dan Green:

What does this license limit?
This license limits the manufacturing of the above devices for commercial purposes.
This includes building an electronic device that Commerical purposes include selling, bartering, or trading a device, whether for profit or at cost.
Commercial purposes do not include using a device in a performance, or using a device for personal purposes. If you there is any question as to whether your intended use is commerical or personal, contact us.

Can I sell a 4ms Pedal that I built?
No. Building a device for sale is not permitted. You may only use the information on for personal purposes, not for commercial purposes.

Didn't you used to allow some commerical use?
Yes, we used to, but now we only allow commerical use of our designs under specific licensing. If you are interested in becoming a specifically licensed builder/seller, contact us.

4ms Pedals reserves the right to change this license at any time without notice

updated 5 Apr 2009